Denbo Family

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Husband: Joseph Clarence Denbo Lieut [See Notes]
Birth:                     3 Apr 1779 Penn.
                                      Possibly born Of Redstone, Gap, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Marriage:                 26 Dec 1822 Jane Lowry Martin
Death:                     3 Sep 1851 English, IN

Father: Elijah Denbo ,Captain Mother: Sarah Emerson
Other Wives: Elizabeth Tucker Nancy Woodfield
Wife: Jane Lowry Martin [See Notes]
Birth:                    11 Feb 1787
Marriage:                 16 Jul 1811 John Martin
Marriage:                 26 Dec 1822 Joseph Clarence Denbo Lieut
Death:                     3 Jan 1863 Crawford County, Indiana, Denbo Cemetery, English, Indiana.
Burial:                               Denbo Cemetery, English, Indiana

Father: Robert Lowry Mother: Mary Cunningham
Other Husbands: John Martin
M  William Lowry Denbo
Birth:                     4 Jan 1824 Harrison County, IN

M  Harvey H. Denbo
Birth:                    27 Nov 1825 Harrison County, IN
Death:                    11 Aug 1888 Denbo Cemetary, English, Indiana

M  Woodfield Grant Denbo [See Notes]
Birth:                    30 Nov 1827
Marriage:                 26 Aug 1847 Lucinda Mathers
                                      Marriage may have been August 9th or August 24th.
Death:                    16 Aug 1898 May have died on October 16th, 1898.

M  Frank Denbo
Birth:                    22 Dec 1829
Death:                                Kansas.

F  Francis Marion Denbo
Birth:                    22 Dec 1829 Harrison County, IN
Death:                    27 May 1894 Crawford County, IN
Burial:                   27 May 1894 Denbo Cemetary, English, Indiana

M  Benjamin Franklin Denbo
Birth:                    22 Dec 1829 Harrison County, IN
Death:                                Great Bend, AR

F  Margaret Jane Denbo
Birth:                    22 Dec 1829 Harrison County, IN
Death:                    14 Sep 1833 Harrison County, IN

F  Jane Denbo
Birth:                    25 Dec 1829
Death:                    25 Dec 1829

F  Jane . Denbo
Birth:                    13 Oct 1833 Crawford County, IN
Death:                    24 Feb 1890 Crawford County, IN
Burial:                               Denbo Cemetary, English, Indiana

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